The Most Popular Porn Videos

For many recent years, the most popular topic on the Internet has been porn. The largest porn sites have more than tens of billion views per month and stores more than mn. TB of porn videos and 360 vr porn hd. The adult genre is so popular that despite the bans in many countries of the world, search engines do not block this request and continue to index “xxx” sites. And what’s more, in some countries porn traffic is more popular than social network traffic.

More than 10,000 porn movies are being filmed every year, which, for their authors, bring in more than 10+ billion dollars in profits. This figure exceeds the total annual income of all film studios in Hollywood. read more

The Reliability of Porn Sites, Where it is Better to Watch Porn

On the last question we will answer in such a way: depending on what you mean by security. Anonymity or fear of viruses?

  • If the first, then turn on incognito your window browser, turn on high-speed VPN, which you rely on, and go ahead. Of course, do not forget about open doors and people behind.
  • If the latter, then the best option is to install any Linux distribution and enjoy any site.
  • If this does not suit you, then a lot of porn can be found on the social networks. They are rather safe environments with high digital quality.
  • Also, without fear, you can watch content from large sites that value their reputation (for example,

Now technologies have gone far ahead, and pornographic content has become easily accessible to almost everyone directly from the gadget. The generation of dial-up has long grown and is looking for new sensations and impressions, like VR.

Here is the list of some reputable resources:

  1. Youporn is an example of a TGP that has grown into full-featured video hosting. It is rumored that the video itself embedded in the browser was once invented specifically for the needs of the porn industry. Here there is, perhaps, one of the largest collections of free porn movies, including quite high-quality products of famous studios, such as X-Art. read more