The Most Popular Porn Videos

For many recent years, the most popular topic on the Internet has been porn. The largest porn sites have more than tens of billion views per month and stores more than mn. TB of porn videos and 360 vr porn hd. The adult genre is so popular that despite the bans in many countries of the world, search engines do not block this request and continue to index “xxx” sites. And what’s more, in some countries porn traffic is more popular than social network traffic.

More than 10,000 porn movies are being filmed every year, which, for their authors, bring in more than 10+ billion dollars in profits. This figure exceeds the total annual income of all film studios in Hollywood. read more

Porn Industry Stars

Do you know who the real stars of the adult movies are? Here is our brief listing:

  • Jordi El Nino Polla

The image of a naive 15-year-old boy, ready to be seduced in any situation, this all about him. Thin lad obviously getting a lot of pleasure from porn. His track record includes mature women, young girls, and hot orgies. The main styles of video with an actor are mature, milf, incest. On his pages in social networks, Jordi willingly shares photos from the shooting. At the moment, the guy has no seriously relations. read more

Where to Take Actors for Porn Movies

Learn about some backstage tips on how producers looking for the cast for adult movies.

Read only the most interesting details:

  • Viewers love beautiful people in any movies, and porn is no exception. In general, appearance is the main reason for refusing to shoot.
  • However, sometimes males can be not very handsome. They come on the casting literally from the street. The main thing is a good erection. Sometimes guys come and say: “We want to be shot!” And producers tell them: “Take off your pants and show what you can.” If such function works well, there is a big chance to become a star.
  • Most often newbies from other cities. They are not connected to the usual environment: some people still are afraid of publicity, condemnation. But there are exceptions: f. e. elite hostess and even the wives of wealthy businessmen, who thus entertain themselves and do not even hide their “hobby” from their spouses.
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