Legality of Porn and Erotic in the World

The definition of pornography in the international law connected with something obviously unethical, provocative or even abusive in presenting sex. Erotica, on the contrary, is depicted like quite accepted by society light genre praising the beauty of the body relations and sexual in a noble manner.

So what with a legal base for this issue? Let’s examine some cases:

  • Many western countries consider light pornography to be legal. It’s watching is allowed for individuals of 16-18+ years old. However, merely all Muslim countries, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Malaysia, and Indonesia, officially banned porn. Bans are effective in many other states worldwide, f. e.  India, Kenya, China, Cuba, Singapore etc.
  • Pornographic materials are usually banned from being shown on central on TV. There are, however, paid channels with content “for adults”, which are allowed only to persons over 18 years of age.
  • In Australia, Great Britain, USA (only 32 states) and other countries criminal liability is established for all connected with “child pornography” – production and storing.
  • American society is reconciled with the existence of pornography. But it does everything possible to limit it. There is, for example, a committee approved by Congress, which determines whether some creative work can be considered art or it is pornography. Then, say, a picture or photo cannot be submitted to the exhibition, and publish a book in mass circulation. In New York explicit advertising of porn businesses banned. Therefore, there are some tricks. You see from a distance, for example, a bright sign with three letters “x”. And that’s all. The law allows them to be closed only if any illegal activity is proved – prostitution, the sale of drugs or, say, a crime jump in the area will be noticed.
  • As usual, the porn industry is within the competence of two structures in the national police or another state body – the Department of Cyber ​​Police and the Department for Combating Trafficking in Persons. Accordingly, the sanctions are also different, depending on what a person or group of people is involved.
  • Sometimes, as, for example, in the case of works of art or photographic materials, it may not be entirely clear whether it is porn or erotic. To determine which category the disputed objects belong to, a special commission is convened. Judicial expert in a certain field of knowledge renders a verdict after an art history examination.

It’s interesting that in the Soviet Union, pornography was simply banned. How do you think such a ban could affect the moral health of the nation? Only as an impulse to something illegal in this field, to lack understanding of the issue.  On the contrary, the love of the human body, the pleasure of sex, of which fantasies are a part, enriches both man and society. read more