Where to Take Actors for Porn Movies

Learn about some backstage tips on how producers looking for the cast for adult movies.

Read only the most interesting details:

  • Viewers love beautiful people in any movies, and porn is no exception. In general, appearance is the main reason for refusing to shoot.
  • However, sometimes males can be not very handsome. They come on the casting literally from the street. The main thing is a good erection. Sometimes guys come and say: “We want to be shot!” And producers tell them: “Take off your pants and show what you can.” If such function works well, there is a big chance to become a star.
  • Most often newbies from other cities. They are not connected to the usual environment: some people still are afraid of publicity, condemnation. But there are exceptions: f. e. elite hostess and even the wives of wealthy businessmen, who thus entertain themselves and do not even hide their “hobby” from their spouses.
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